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The NCHS high school class of 1964 has made its mark on Wyoming and the nation. It graduated 555 classmates but had other class members who left early as volunteers ... or via draft ... for military service in VietNam and for other demands on their young lives. The class experienced many successes during high school years with unparalled theater productions, unbeatable debate teams, and an undefeated football team (the first time in 30 years) with domination of all boys sports that included no worse than 3rd place finishes in all state sports championships, including first place finishes in 4 of the 7 major boys sports, which is all that existed at that time in Wyoming high school athletics.

Many classmates from NCHS-64 went on to excel as professionals, teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and major contributors to the communities in which we live, and we boast a large number of benefactors and contributors to the well-being of Wyoming and America. Over 1/3rd of the Class of 1964 still lives in Wyoming, and most all of us have a special bond to a place that many of us love to call our home.

With Life's travels each of us has had our personal high notes and low notes, and most have experienced significant losses or tragedies along the way. As a class we all learn from these shared experiences. Some of the least broadly acknowledged and recognized people in our class are the most valuable treasures to us all because of these experiences and because of their values / contributions within a family or community. Among the living within our NCHS-1964 class, none of us has lots of years "above the grass" on this wonderful planet, but we hope we can maintain this community for the rest of our lives for the sense of perspective, history, and family that it provides to each of us, ... regardless of how far away we are from Casper.

We are proud of our class and the contributions we've made!

Class of 1964  

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